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            Westlake makes chemical and plastic products, which in turn make life better for people every day. We are a quality manufacturer and dependable global supplier of petrochemicals, plastics and building products. Our mission is to serve our clients by enhancing daily life through the products and services we provide.


            Core Business:Olefins & Vinyls
            Production Capacity:Approx. 40 billion lbs/yr
            Founded:1986 by Mr. T.T. Chao
            Public Company (2004):NYSE: WLK
            Revenues (2018):$8.6 billion
            Employees:Approx. 9,500
            Headquarters:Houston, TX

            Operating Sites:
            USA (29); Canada (6); Germany (6); China (2); France (2); India (1); Italy (1); Japan (1); Mexico (1); Spain (1); Taiwan (1); United Kingdom (1); and Vietnam (1)

            Product Lines:
            Olefins: Ethylene, Polyethylene, Styrene, Epolene, and Propylene

            Vinyls: Chlor-alkali and derivative products, PVC suspension and specialty resins, PVC Compounds, and PVC building products including siding, pipe, fittings and specialty components, windows, fence, deck and film.

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